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KFZ-Kippschalter HAMA IGNITION: Dieser Kippschalter für Ihren PKW mit rotem Cover verhindert versehentliches Ein- und Ausschalten von angeschlossenen Verbrauchern (z. B. Innenraumbeleuchtung) und verleiht Ihrem Auto den nötigen Racing-Look. Technische Daten: Kippschalter ON/OFF Belastbarkeit 12 V-/ 5A Einbau-Ø 11 mm Farbe rot - KFZ-Kippschalter HAMA IGNITION SWITCH

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Stand: 13.04.2018
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Tuning Made Easy - "...the art of tuning a...
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So you know about engines. And you may have read some of the Haynes manuals, the Holley Carburetors and the How-to... books. Maybe you know how to repair and put together an engine. The next step is to tune your engine, so it runs perfectly and produces the most power. If that engine has non-stock components, the books mentioned above can't help you. When it comes to tuning the ignition and the carburetor on a performance engine, including how the different adjustments affect each other, there has never been a single source of reliable, easy-to-understand information. Now there is. This book takes you through the various steps in the process of adjusting your ignition and your carburetor, including the very important sequence in which they must be done. It deals with questions like: If I turn the idle mixture screw out, and the engine responds like this, should I then turn the screw more and in which direction? How do I ensure absolutely optimum jetting of my carburetor? How do I create a distributor curve that optimizes ignition timing at idle, part throttle and wide open throttle? All the questions you've come across when trying to adjust your engine for performance are answered here. The simple step-by-step instructions in this book only require your time and effort. Techniques like plug reading and using a vacuum gauge are described in detail. Only standard tools are needed-no dyno or anything like that is required. In addition to engine tuning, this book contains advice on choosing the right parts, to ensure that they will complement each other, not work against each other. Plus there are many tips on troubleshooting and on winning races. Finally the book also contains special tuning tips for boat engines, including a chapter on the differences between a car engine and a boat engine. This is the last book on engine tuning you'll ever need.

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Performance Fuel Injection Systems HP1557 als e...
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Performance Fuel Injection Systems HP1557:How to Design, Build, Modify, and Tune EFI and ECU Systems. Covers Components, Se nsors, Fuel and Ignition Requirements, Tuning the Stock ECU, Piggyback and Stan Matt Cramer, Jerry Hoffmann

Stand: 14.04.2018
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Vintage Space Age Tanga Radio von Rodolfo Bonet...
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This radio features a small, removable, and portable receiver and a base amplifier, which allows the piece to be used at home when not plugged into a car system. The FM receiver is small, with parallel piping and rounded corners. On the front is the tuning scale (from 88 to 105 MHz) and two wheels for radio station searching and volume adjustment. The base is made up of a white plastic cube with rounded edges and has a recess in front to insert the receiver, the red button for the ignition, and a small warning bulb. The telescopic antenna is on the back. The radio has been completely disassembled, cleaned, and checked for electrical connections. It is perfectly functional and retains the original cable and plug. The base still has its pure white color.

Stand: 14.12.2017
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